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Outdoor Education: How to Make a Portable Outdoor Shower

Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.com

You love camping, hiking and overnight canoe trips, but you really miss the comfort of a nice warm shower. Well, why deprive yourself? Here's how you can bring a warm shower with you on your next overnight trip.

Portable Shower Instructions
Pack a collapsible plastic five-gallon water bag with a plastic valve, spout and cap. Bring a hand-held rubber hose and shower-head that you can find in any hardware store — make sure the hose will fit on the water bag's spout.

When you get to your campsite, fill the bag with water and leave it in the sunlight. If you put it on a warm rock, it will heat even faster. Then go about your business while the sun heats the water.

After a busy day of activity, tie the water bag to a branch, attach the hose and shower-head, then shower away. If you need privacy, hang a tarp or tent fly around your makeshift shower.

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