Intramurals: Captain Ejections Help Maintain Discipline

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Intramurals are supposed to be fun, but every program has one or two hotheads who take things too seriously. It's not uncommon to see these individuals berating officials, trash-talking opponents, and even getting into fights or shoving contests.

Of course, you can eject such individuals, but a better tactic is to employ peer pressure to prevent such incidents.

Captain Ejection Rule
The captain ejection rule is a measure that will bring peer pressure to bear on your program's hotheads.

At the start of the year, make it clear to all participants that any misbehavior by any individual will result in the offending student's ejection from the game—and also the team captain's ejection!

This will ensure that there is a peer on the hothead's team—usually one who is respected—working hard to keep the hothead under control. And since the captain is usually one of the team's better athletes, other members of the team will have a vested interest in controlling the hothead's temper.

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