Gymnastics: Be Prepared With Three Routine Variations

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Most gymnasts prepare for their competitions with one routine for each event. However, conditions at competitions can vary: equipment might not be top-notch, your athletes may not be feeling well, or they may be feeling amazing!

As a result, a useful strategy is to prepare three variations of each routine: a safe routine, a regular routine, and a dream routine. In fact, these routines may all comprise the same basic elements, with the advanced versions simply adding some different moves to increase the level of difficulty.

The Routines
The regular routine is the one your gymnasts practice the most; it's the routine they would normally use in competitions.

The safe routine is a slightly stripped-down version, comprising easier elements they can almost always make. This is useful if they aren't feeling good or if they don't need a high level of difficulty to win.

The dream routine is the one they'd try if they're feeling confident and want to take a chance. It adds some elements that are more difficult, but that they'd love to incorporate on a consistent basis. If they're feeling great, why not give it a try?

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