Spider Web Game
Spider Web Game

Games: Spider Web Game

Pat Aitken

In this fun game, your elementary students perform simple academic tasks like spelling, definitions and easy math questions, while tossing a ball of yarn to create a spider web.

It's a great way to combine movement skills with academic work. Here's how to organize it.

Have your students space themselves an arm's length apart in a circle.  Give one student, the “Starter,” a ball of yarn.

How to Play
Begin play by calling out a question.  Students who know the answer signal with a raised hand.  The Starter calls on one of them for the answer.  If it's correct, the Starter holds onto the yarn-end and tosses the ball to the student who answered correctly.

Repeat the process, making sure that each tossing student holds onto the yarn while throwing.

Ending Play
When everyone has had at least one catch (or there's no yarn left), undo the web, asking more questions until the yarn is all wound up in the hands of the Starter again.

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