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Field Events: Shot Put Markers for More Effective Practices

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Many of the attempts in a typical shot put practice lack effort—the athletes go through the motions, but don't consistently challenge themselves with high-effort throws.

A reason for this is that they are usually just looking out at a flat field — if they send a throw out 10 or 12 metres, well, they look pretty much the same from where they're standing.

One way to improve your putters' practice effort is by using small markers to indicate the length of each throw.

This puts each throwing attempt on display, which should trigger your athletes' natural competitiveness. If they can see how far they've already thrown, they'll want to beat those
efforts on subsequent attempts. The result will be better effort throughout the practice.

Markers can be tennis balls cut in half, plant markers (available in all garden centers), plant stakes, etc.

Other Events
The same concept can be used by throwers in other events such as javelin or discus. However, with the
distances involved in these events, it will speed the practice along if a coach, teammate or assistant marks each throw.

Competition Strategy
Your throwers can use a variation of this concept during competitions. Have them pick out a mark on the field that indicates their personal best—the mark could be an existing divot or discolored grass. This is something they can scout out before they when warming up. Then, during the competition, they can focus on that mark and attempt to throw beyond it.

Dick Moss, Editor, PE From a conversation with J.P. Mayer.
J.P. Mayer is a masters decathlete and field event coach at Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

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