Field Events - High Jump: Dollar Drill for the
High Jump Drape

Field Events - High Jump: Dollar Drill for the High Jump Drape

Beginners to the flop high jump technique often feel disoriented when they're in the air. This confusion — a result of their lack of familiarity with flying backwards and face-up over a bar, can lead them to do the worst thing possible— lift their head to see where they are in relation to the mat.

This causes the backside to drop so it smacks into the bar. Or if performed later in the technique, it may cause the calves or heels to make contact instead.

Money Cue
Here's a coaching tip to ensure that your jumpers keep their head back for a good drape over the bar.

Place a toonie (for Canadian coaches) or other coin on the middle of the end mat and instruct your high jumpers to reach for the money with their closest (lead) hand as they cross the bar.

This will force your jumper to keep the head back and the hips up for a longer drape over the bar. It gets the lead arm out so it leads the shoulders down onto the mat. And finally, it produces a visual cue for jumpers, improving their spatial awareness over the bar.

Reference: Peter Brewer, “High jump: Developing an awareness of the arch.” Coaches Education website, Fall 2004.

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