Administration: Consolidate Uniform Purchases to Save Money

Administration: Consolidate Uniform Purchases to Save Money

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Do you consider your cross-country running and track teams to be separate entities so purchase their uniforms separately? Do you also purchase your boys' and girls' basketball uniforms separately? And make separate orders for other boy's and girl's sports?

It will take some early planning and coordination among the coaches involved, but you can save money by purchasing these uniforms together—the larger numbers should provide you with a better price per uniform.

Example: Track & Cross-Country Uniforms
For example, track and cross-country running uniforms can be identical. They are often purchased separately because the coaches are different and the sports occur at opposite ends of the school year. However, they could be purchased together.

Boys' and Girls' in the Same Sport
The same goes for boys' and girls' basketball uniforms. Again, different seasons, different coaches. However, even though there is a slight difference in sizing and cut between boys and girls, the general design can be identical and the uniforms can often be ordered together for a better volume price.The same goes for boys' and girls' volleyball, soccer, etc.

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