Facilities: How to Make a Winter Mini-Golf Course In Your School Yard

Facilities: How to Make a Winter Mini-Golf Course
In Your School Yard

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update.com

Winter golf is an activity your students can play during PE classes or at recess. Here's how to make some winter mini-golf holes on your school yard.

Stomp down the snow to make a tee-off area, a path to each hole (the fairway), and a green. Using green food coloring in a spray bottle (see "How to Make Boundary Lines on a Snow-Packed School Yard"), mark a line around the hole to indicate the green. Or, use wider spray and color the entire green.

Then add some obstacles on the fairway. Obstacles might include a snowman with a tunnel through it's bottom; a trash can lid; croquet wickets; a piece of plywood elevated on one side, etc.

Then make your holes, The holes can either be a hula hoop (when playing with playground balls), or a hole sunk into the snow made from a cut, plastic bleach container.

A wooden dowel, with a triangular piece of felt stapled to it will make a good flag.

Make several such holes and you'll have a golf course your students can use during class, at recess or during a winter festival.

How to Play
Your students can play using a hockey stick and a rubber ball; a broomstick and playground ball (with a hula hoop for a hole); or a floor hockey stick and plastic ball. Like in regular mini-golf, they will have to negotiate the obstacles in order to get to the green and sink their putt.

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