Adjustable Baskets Allow Every 
Player to Dunk the Ball
Adjustable Baskets Allow
Every Player to Dunk the Ball

Intramurals: Slam-Dunk Basketball Tournament

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

If you're like me, a frustrated (and old) shooting guard, you've always wondered what it would be like to be a big man on the basketball court.

It seems so much easier. After all, how difficult can it be to get 30 points when you're tall enough to bump your head on the rim. And what challenge is there in rebounding when your hand engulfs the ball like it was a marshmallow. (If it sounds like I'm a frustrated six footer who can barely reach the mesh when I jump... you're right).

So why not indulge the fantasies of players like me, and organize a basketball tournament that allows everyone to slam-dunk the ball. It will attract that legion of would-be NBA'ers who've always wondered how good they would have been if only their genes had made them a foot taller.

It's a great idea for intramurals. You can also take it to the general public and use it as a fundraiser.

How to Organize
The key to such a tournament is the use of adjustable basketball standards. If your school doesn't have such standards, borrow them from students who have them sitting in their driveway.

Adjust the height of the standards so most participants will be able to slam-dunk the ball. A height of eight to nine feet should do it for adult tournaments. You might make it even lower for school kids.

To make the tournament an even better simulation of the big-man experience, you could play with smaller balls. For example guys can play with girls' balls and girls can play with children's balls.

Mixed Tournament
You could use this concept to organize a mixed competition (girls versus boys) by lowering the girls' basket more than that of the boys. This will neutralize some of the difference in height and jumping ability between males and females.

Raising Funds
To raise the funds from the event, advertise regionally and charge a fee for each team that enters. The media should be interested in the uniqueness of the tournament, which should help to attract sponsors for prizes and refreshments.

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