Promotion: Enthusiastic Class Award

Promotion: Enthusiastic Class Award

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Here's a way to increase fan support at one of your home games. Hold an Enthusiastic Class Contest.

How to Organize
Provide an award to the class or home room that's the most enthusiastic at the game. Criteria for "enthusiasm" might include the class that brings the most students to the game, cheers the loudest, uses noisemakers, comes dressed in school colours and facepaint, etc.

The award can be a trophy for the trophy case or home room, T-shirts, hats, free pizza, etc. And, of course, they will get their name mentioned over the loudspeaker.

Reproducible Certificate
Reproducible Certificate
We have also provided a certificate you can print out on an inkjet printer. You can add extra color by printing on colored paper. Place the certificate in an inexpensive frame from a dollar store, and it will hold a place of pride on any classroom wall.

The result will be greater interest in your team, and a larger, more vocal crowd at your game. And the participants may have so much fun that they'll decide to attend future games as well.

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