Intramurals - Scoring System Encourages Participation

Intramurals - Scoring System Encourages Participation

Dick Moss

If you really want to change the emphasis of your intramural sports from competitive to participatory, change the way you tally game results to determine league standings.

Frank Ryan Catholic School Senior Elementary School, in Nepean, Ontario, has done just that and with great success. Their scoring system rewards participation and sportsmanship more than winning. Each game's referee - a student, under the supervision of a teacher - is responsible for the scoring.

Here's how the scoring system works.

  • Sportsmanship = 5 points (the team exhibiting the best sportsmanship)
  • Participation = 3 points (greatest percentage of total roster in attendance)
  • Win = 3 points
  • Tie = 2 points
  • Loss = 1 point

With this system, a team that wins a game can actually tally fewer league points if their opponent displayed greater participation and sportsmanship. The result is an intramural focus on fun rather than winning.

Reference: Michelle Harkness, (Editor)"Outstanding intramural achievement award winners." INPUT (CIRA Ontario), October 2006.


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