Administration - Intramurals Survey

Administration - Intramurals Survey

Meghan Juuti

When dealing with large numbers of kids and numerous individual preferences, finding out what intramural activities your students want can be a daunting task.

Here's a questionnaire that will help you determine the intramural activities your students most want to play. The questionnaire is easy to complete and provides enough open-ended questions so that participants can express themselves fully.

How to Get Students to Fill Out the Form
As with most surveys, one of the largest problems is getting people to participate. An effective solutions is also one of the oldest... bribery!

Draw prizes can provide the motivation for many students to fill out the form. And, to eliminate the "I don't have enough time" excuse, ask your principal whether classroom or homeroom time can be used for form-filling.

Using the Information
Once the questionnaires are completed, be sure to share the results with both students and administrators. The results will provide you with a good idea of which activities will be most popular and will give your students a feeling of ownership in the program that will provide a nice jump-start in terms of improving participation.

Finally, you might receive some crazy or unrealistic ideas. Don't toss them in the trash. With some imagination, you can use these ideas to create unique, fun activities.

Reference: Garth Wade. "You Need To Give Them What They Want." Canadian Association for HPERD, Physical and Health Education Journal, Autumn 2006.


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