Tennis - First Serve Game

Tennis - First Serve Game

Dick Moss

The First Serve game develops both offensive and defensive skills by emphasizing an accurate first serve for offensive players, and an effective return for those receiving the serve. And all it takes is a slight change in the scoring system.

How to Play
Play a regular game of tennis, but with one change. Any first serve that scores is worth two points instead of one point. Second serves are worth their regular one point. There is no other change in play, except that the first to reach 15 or 21 wins the game.

The result will be that players-knowing there's a bonus for first serve success-will focus on getting a strong first serve in play.

Those receiving the serve will focus extra hard on getting the first serve back over the net, knowing it will cost them double if they fail to make a successful return. Since second serves aren't worth extra points, players can be more creative and take extra chances on second serves.

Reference: Jon Levey (Senior Editor), "Tip of the week -- Practice your returns." TENNIS Magazine, January 30, 2006. (See Your Game>Tip of the Week Archive).


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