Tennis - Single Serve Game

Tennis - Single Serve Game

Dick Moss

The Single Serve game forces players to hit an accurate first serve, and encourages opposing players to hit killer returns.

How to Play
The game is played like regular tennis, but with a few rule changes.

• The server gets only one serve. If the first serve hits the net or goes out of bounds, the receiver gets a point.

• If the server is successful, the receiver gets only three swings, including the return, to finish the rally. This encourages receivers to hit hard serve returns so they're in position to finish the rally in a hurry.

Other rules are the same, except the first player to reach either 15 or 21, wins the game.

Reference: Jon Levey (Senior Editor), "Tip of the week -- Practice your returns, Game 2." TENNIS Magazine, January 30, 2006. (See Your Game>Tip of the Week Archive).


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