Shark Bait Wrestling Game
Shark Bait Wrestling Game

Wrestling: Shark Bait Game

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Shark Bait is a fun man-in-the-middle contest that improves conditioning and gives wrestlers lots of takedown practice.

How to Play
Play with groups of three to four wrestlers. One wrestler is the shark bait and the others are the sharks.

The shark bait wrestles one of the sharks, with both attempting a takedown. Whoever makes the takedown gets a point, stays in the middle and takes on the next shark. The loser moves to the back of the line, waiting for the next chance to ?attack the shark bait.

The wrestler with the most points after a certain time period wins the game.

As the game progresses, the participants will experience an increased conditioning effect as they become more and more tired - especially if they win twice in a row or more.

Scoring Variation
To put an emphasis on conditioning, declare the contest winner to be the wrestler who wins the most points in a row, versus the most points overall.

Reference: Mark Cody (Head Coach, American University, former assistant at Oklahoma State), Combative Games, DVD, Championships Productions, 2001.

Screenshot photo courtesy of Championship Productions.

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