O Shoe Lacing Technique
"O" Shoe Lacing Technique

Training Room Tips: Pain on the Top of the Foot Can be Due to Shoe Lacing

Meghan Juuti

When athletes have a pain on the top of their foot after a workout, it can mean that their shoelaces are rubbing them the wrong way. This is particularly true if a red spot is visible on that part of the foot after they remove their shoes.

Here is an effective lacing technique that can alleviate some top-of-the-foot pressure.

How to Lace for Pressure Relief
Have your foot-sore athletes re-lace their shoes, so the laces don't cross over the sore spot. The laces should make an open "O" shape across the center of the foot, then cross above the sore area, tying at the top as usual.

This will keep pressure off that bony area at the top of the foot that is most affected by a tight lacing job.

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