Tennis: 3-Ball Rotation

Tennis: 3-Ball Rotation

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Three-Ball Rotation is a good tennis game for large groups. It allows players to regularly rotate into the game, or onto a new court, throughout your class.

Place a doubles team on each side of the court, with extra players waiting on the sideline. Every player gets a racquet and three balls. If they can't hold three balls, play with two balls per player.

How to Play
The four players take turns feeding a ball by hitting it underhand over the net. They then play a regular game of doubles, but if a team that fed the ball loses the point, they lose their ball.

When a players lose three balls, that player rotates out - and a new player comes in. The player who rotates out can wait in line on the sidelines or can move to the next court.

Reference: Adapted from Bruce Gullikson, Drills and Games for High Performance Tennis. Championship Productions, DVD, 2007.

Screenshot courtesy of Championship Productions.

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