Humour: Poetry - I Hate to Sweat

Poetry - I Hate to Sweat

Dr. Jim Riley

What's the worst part of physical education for some students? It's the fact that it makes them sweat. Yucky, icky, sticky sweat.

This poem, by PE poet, Dr. Jim Riley, describes this common exercise objection.

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I really don't like PE at all,
It's the worst subject I've had yet;
For everything we do in class,
Causes me to profusely sweat:

Sweat always drizzles down my nose,
Off my back and tummy too;
If you get very close to me,
I'll shake some sweat all over you:

Oh sweat's so sticky and drippy,
And it forms such an ugly goo;
It's so slimy and it's salty,
And it reeks of bad odor too:

I barely can wait for summer,
How happy I surely will be;
Eating chips and sucking sodas,
As I sit watching my TV.

Dr. Jim Riley

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