Swimming: Pearl Diver Game

Swimming: Pearl Diver Game

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update.com

Pearl Diver is a swimming game that allows every student some degree of success, providing they have a skill level that allows them to dive underwater.

It's a fun activity for class and nice change of pace for a team swimming practice. And aside from the fun factor this activity provides, it's a great way to clean some of that spare change that's cluttering your dresser drawers.

How to Play
Throw 100 pennies around the shallow end of the pool and tell your swimmers they have one minute to pick them all up.

The catch is that they will have to swim one length for every penny not retrieved within that time limit.


  • You can change the number of pennies you use based on the size of your group and their level of ability.
  • For experienced swimmers, some of the pennies can be tossed into the deep end of the pool.

Reference: Dan Sammon (U. of Illinois), from The Incomplete Good of Training Games and Gimmicks, Edited by Bob Steele, 3rd Edition.

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