Travel - A Packing List Reduces Travel Stress

Travel - A Packing List
Reduces Travel Stress

Dick Moss

I hate packing. No, actually, I despise packing. What makes it worse is that I usually have to pack multiple bags for every trip : one bag for me, one for the work I should do on my trip, and then several bags containing team-related gear.

In the bad old days, I invariably managed to forget something important. Then I got smart, and made myself a computerized packing list. Of all the files on my Mac, that list may be the most useful. Now I just print out the list and check off the items as I pack them.

Not only does this list help me to remember the essentials, it also reduces (to a tolerable level) the stress of packing.

A Packing List
A Packing List

Download the List for Yourself
I've attached a copy of the list - just click the link below. It's in Microsoft Word format, so once you download it, you should be able to customize the list to your own needs. The one I have provided has evolved over several years, and is track/cross-country related. Just change it as you see fit.

The Microsoft Word file is contained in a Zip file that you should be able to expand and open.

Happier packing!


Sample Packing List - Click Here to Download

Reference: Dick Moss, Editor, PE, 2015


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