Rugby - Use a Tennis Ball for Better Passing

Rugby - Use a Tennis Ball for Better Passing

Dick Moss

Because they are smaller, lighter and take more control to throw, tennis balls can be used to help your rugby players become more precise passers.

Using a Tennis Ball for Better Passing
Simply substitute the tennis ball for your normal rugby ball during passing drills. First, run the drill using the tennis ball, then on a second run-through, use the rugby ball.

The extra precision and control required to pass the tennis ball will be translated into better accuracy when using the actual game ball.

Although the tennis ball is smaller and will be difficult to grasp with both hands, be sure to use the same two-handed passing technique as you would use with a regulation size rugby ball. This will make your tennis ball practice more sport-specific.

Reference: Dan Cottrell, Editor, Training With Tennis Balls, Dan Cottrell's Better Rugby Coaching, 2007.


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