Fun Stuff for Physical Education #65
January 15, 2009

Fun Stuff for Physical Education #65
January 15, 2009

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

1. Editor's Note

Welcome to the first issue of Fun Stuff for PE, for 2009! The holidays were excellent - Terry and I had lots of visitors, parties, family dinners, and even some down-time. But we didn't neglect the PE Update website or the Fun Stuff Newsletter.

Fun Stuff for Physical Education #65
January 15, 2009
So, you'll notice that we've added a nice selection of articles to PE Update since we last saw you in 2008! There's a fun soccer lead-up game for primary students; a way to promote your PE program to parents; a tip that will help your hockey players keep their head up; a link to a website that provides lesson plans and rubrics for health and nutrition classes; how to adjust the size on too-large sneakers; and a super Australian game you can use in classes or intramurals.

Most of the above articles are for PE Update members-only. But this newsletter also contains free content. There's a link to our latest blog in which I discuss the example that older athletes can set for PE students; nine new links that have been added to the PE Update website; a link to the nutrition lesson plan website mentioned above; and a tennis article that will help your students aim their lob shots.

This newsletter is free, but most of the content on PE is for members-only, including instructional videos, the discussion group, over 2000 articles that you can read, print and email... and much more.

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I hope you enjoy this issue and I hope you have a super 2009!

Dick Moss, Editor


Fun Stuff for Physical Education #65
January 15, 2009
2. From the Web - Free Resources

Developed by Canadian Dieticians and sponsored by Kellogg's, the Mission Nutrition website provides nutrition teaching toolkits for grades K-8, with ready-to-use lesson plans, fun student activities, teacher notes, assessment rubrics and ideas and curriculum connections.

Mission Nutrition Website


Fun Stuff for Physical Education #65
January 15, 2009
3. New Additions to the Website

Here are the Articles that have been added to the website over the past two weeks.
These articles are available to members of PE

  • Equipment: How to Make Size Adjustments to Athletic Shoes
    How physical education students can temporarily adjust the size of athletic shoes that are too large.

  • Hockey - Tip for Keeping the Head Up
    Focusing on a spot that is at head-level will help players keep their head up while handling the puck.

  • Other Sports: Australian Touch Footy
    A non-contact variation of rugby that is played by more than 750,000 Australians of all ages. Great for physical education classes and intramurals.

  • Promotion: Parents' Physical Education Night
    A special physical education activity night for students and their parents. A good way to gain parents' support and increase the enrollment of fitness-conscious students at your school.

  • Resources: Mission Nutrition Website
    A website that provides lesson plans and rubrics for health and nutrition classes.

  • Soccer: The "Ouch" Game
    A soccer lead-up game that teaches dribbling, passing and shooting. Great for primary school physical education classes.

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Fun Stuff for Physical Education #65
January 15, 2009
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Fun Stuff for Physical Education #65
January 15, 2009
4. From the PE Update Blog

Monday Morning Musings on the World of Sports, Coaching & Physical Education from Editor, Dick Moss.

Your editor discusses the examples of two septuagenarian athletes and how they should serve as examples to students in every physical education program.


Fun Stuff for Physical Education #65
January 15, 2009
5. From the Archives

Every issue, I'll highlight a useful article from the PE Update Archives. The article will be available to non-members of the website for a week, and to members forever! This issue's article is:

Tennis: Coaching Cue for Optimal Distance on Lob shots

How to aim lob shots so they land near the opposing player's baseline.

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Fun Stuff for Physical Education #65
January 15, 2009
6. New Links

We have made a number of additions to PE Update's free "Links" area in the past month. Here's a list.

Educated Runner
Nutrition: Healthy Eating Alliance PEI
Nutrition: Mission Nutrition
PE Zone
Track: Running Times
V02max Newsletter


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