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  • Can Barack Obama Really Play Basketball? Watch him in action!
  • Right To Play - Pe Classes In Mozambique
  • Offensive Basketball Moves by Carlos Boozer of the Utah Jazz
  • Whiffle Ball Pitching Video
  • Innovative Pe Equipment - Toilet Plunger Toss!
  • Alan Iverson Versus Michael Jordan - The First Matchup
  • The "4" Ball Tennis Drill From Jimmy Connors
  • Integrated Physical Education Ideas
  • Sportskool Basketball Video - The Finger Roll, Hook Shot And Jump Hook
  • Why Save Phys-Ed? Video Project
  • How the Kenyan runners train. Video from a training camp.

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  • Free Powerpoint Presentations For PE, and Health
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  • Michael Jordan Audiobook - A Biography in His Own Words
  • Winteractive - Winter Activities Booklet
  • Free Nutritional Information From 452 North American Restaurants
  • Recess Revival Ebook
  • National Archery In The Schools Program
  • Teacher's Guide To Physical Activity For Children & Youth
  • 30-30 Rule Reminder Cards For Thunder Storm Safety
  • Physical Activity Chart & Activity Stickers for Children
  • Let's Get Active!' Interactive Magazine for Youth

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 Sign Up for the Free FUN STUFF FOR PE Newsletter and Get a Complimentary eBook That Could  Save Your PE Budget Hundreds of Dollars!
Get this free eBook and start saving money
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  • Homemade and adapted equipment for seven different sports, including baseball, golf, hockey, soccer, tennis, track & field, and volleyball.

  • How to save hundreds of dollars on strength training equipment. Includes easy-to-make plans for making your own medicine balls, vertical jump devices and plyometric boxes.

  • Great equipment ideas for PE class: garbage bag balloon balls, inner tube sumo gear, plastic bottle bats, tennis ball field markers, and many more! .

  • Easy-to-make sports-medicine equipment. For example, wobble boards, cold packs, arm ergometers and lots more .

  • Great ideas: using duct tape to also warmup suits; making quoits from garden hose; hurdles from PVC tubing; tetherball poles from volleyball standards...and much, much more!!!.

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