Physical Education Tips of the Week #42
April 24, 2008

Physical Education Tips of the Week #42
April 24, 2008

Dick Moss, Editor

1. Editor's Note

Summer is slowly but surely getting here, and you Fall sport coaches will be encouraging your athletes to engage in a summer fitness program. This week, we've included an article on how to improve their compliance during those long, distracting summer months. You'll also see a video demonstration of an exercise that's great for adding plyometric content to warmups.

This newsletter also provides free links to an inspirational video on unused potential; the weekly blog, in which I discuss the effects of health and PE cuts on teen pregnancy rates; and a baseball fielding article on when and how to barehand the ball.

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I hope you enjoy this issue of PE Tips of the Week!

Dick Moss, Editor


Physical Education Tips of the Week #42
April 24, 2008
2. From the Web


This video provides an inspirational message in a football context. There is lots of screaming, but the message is good ... that we can always do more than we think we can.

Click here.


Physical Education Tips of the Week #42
April 24, 2008
3. New Additions to the Websites

Here are the Articles that have been added to the websites this week.
These articles are available only to PE Update members.

  • Video: Exercise Hooping - Hula Hooping for Fitness
    Hooping takes hula-hooping to the next level to provide both aerobic and strength benefits to your students.

  • Strength: Wisconsin Hops
    A variation of regular hopping that is lower impact and more specific to running.

  • Sport Psychology: Use Social Support Techniques to Improve Adherence to Summer Training Programs
    Improve athlete motivation and adherence to summer training programs with a system of regular support from peers, plus the use of training logs.


Physical Education Tips of the Week #42
April 24, 2008
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Physical Education Tips of the Week #42
April 24, 2008
4. From the PE Update Blog

Monday Morning Musings on the World of Sports, Coaching & Physical Education from Editor, Dick Moss.

Most of us realize there are many negative effects on children that result from cuts to physical education and health programs. But there's an effect that may not be as obvious - an increase in teen pregnancy.
To read more, click this link to the blog: //


Physical Education Tips of the Week #42
April 24, 2008
5. Pick of the Week

Each week, I'll highlight a useful article from the PE Update Archives. The article will be available to non-members of the website for a week, and to members forever!

This week's pick is:
Baseball/Softball- When to Barehand the Ball

A rule of thumb for when the ball can be barehanded. Plus a coaching cue that ensures a solid grip on the ball when picking it up.


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