Physical Education Tips of the Week #39
April 3, 2008

Physical Education Tips of the Week #39
April 3, 2008

Dick Moss, Editor

1. Editor's Note

It's time to announce the final winner of the "Best Forum Post" award. It goes to Ryan28 for his quirky revelation that Gene Simmons of Kiss (and his own reality show, "Gene Simmons Family Jewels")

Physical Education Tips of the Week #39
April 3, 2008
was once a teacher. Who'da thunk it ? Ryan wins the free eBook, "Tricks of the Trade for the Sprints, Hurdles and Relays." Keep posting on the forum, folks, it's a great members' tool! Discussion Forum

We presented some interesting information this week. I really enjoyed the video about soft tissue release - it's a therapy option that has great potential for overcoming soreness and injury in your athletes. And if you've been telling your students to stretch in order to prevent delayed muscle soreness, that may not be an accurate statement. Although there are many benefits to stretching, DOMS prevention probably isn't one of them. Members can read this information on the PE Update website.

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I hope you enjoy this issue of PE Tips of the Week!

Dick Moss, Editor


Physical Education Tips of the Week #39
April 3, 2008
2. From the Web


This video demonstrates a tennis drill from all-time great, Jimmy Connors. This simple drill prevents players from getting locked into repeatedly hitting the same shot. See the link to this video, and four others, on the right navigation bar of the video player. Check it out at: Click here.


Physical Education Tips of the Week #39
April 3, 2008
3. New Additions to the Websites

Here are the Articles that have been added to the websites this week.
These articles are available to PE Update members.

  • Video: Training Room Tips: Soft Tissue Release - A New Sport Therapy Technique
    Soft tissue release is a sport therapy technique that elongates muscles that have been manipulated to the point of stretch.

  • Fitness/Flexibility: Stretching Does Not Affect Delayed Muscle Soreness
    Stretching before or after workouts appears to have little positive effect on delayed muscle soreness.


    Physical Education Tips of the Week #39
April 3, 2008
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    Physical Education Tips of the Week #39
April 3, 2008
    4. From the PE Update Blog

    Monday Morning Musings on the World of Sports, Coaching & Physical Education from Editor, Dick Moss.

    The editor discusses the coach for Stanford who was ejected during his team's do-or-die game in the NCAA basketball tournament. He was "working the refs" -
    a tactic the editor dislikes.
    To read more, click this link to the blog: //


    Physical Education Tips of the Week #39
April 3, 2008
    5. Pick of the Week

    Each week, I'll highlight an article that I think is really useful. The article will be available to non-members of the website for a week, and to members forever!

    This week's pick is:
    Coaching: Reduce the Number of Players Who Come Late to Practice

    If you're tired of students showing up late for practice, try this simple tip.


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