Physical Education Tips of the Week #40
April 10, 2008

Physical Education Tips of the Week #40
April 10, 2008

1. Editor's Note

Spring is here and a young man's mind turns to thoughts of...GOLF! In that spirit one of this week's articles described a golf lead-up game that will make it fun for students to practice putting all by themselves.

We also published a new article on a slick notation system that provides intensity information on strength workout charts - in addition to the traditional number of repetitions. Members can read these articles on the PE Update website.

Free to members and non-members alike, is an article from our archives on running technique and why flapping the hands is technically inefficient.

Our blog this week discussed the many contrasts that Spring presents, and our "From the Web" video illustrates a new extreme sport - kite skating.

The newsletters are free, but most of the content on the website is for members-only, including almost 2000 articles, plus videos, the discussion group and much more.

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I hope you enjoy this issue of PE Tips of the Week!

Dick Moss, Editor


Physical Education Tips of the Week #40
April 10, 2008
2. From the Web


It's always useful, as a PE teacher, to be aware of the latest extreme sport to which your students might be attracted. One of the newest is kite skating - riding an adapted skateboard pulled along a beach by a giant kite. You can see an example here: Click here.


Physical Education Tips of the Week #40
April 10, 2008
3. New Additions to the Websites

Here are the Articles that have been added to the websites this week.
These articles are available to PE Update members.

  • Golf: Bocce Ball Putting Game
    A game in which a ball is putted and subsequent putts must come as close to that first ball as possible.

  • Strength: A Simple System for Recording Intensity on Workout Sheets
    A simple system of short-form notations that indicates how intense each set was in relation to the point of failure.


    Physical Education Tips of the Week #40
April 10, 2008
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    Physical Education Tips of the Week #40
April 10, 2008
    4. From the PE Update Blog

    Monday Morning Musings on the World of Sports, Coaching & Physical Education from Editor, Dick Moss.

    Flip-flops and parkas? Skiers in shorts and a toque? Spring is a crazy time in Canada - read some weekend observations from the editor.
    To read more, click this link to the blog: //


    Physical Education Tips of the Week #40
April 10, 2008
    5. Pick of the Week

    Each week, I'll highlight an article that I think is really useful from the PE Update Archives. The article will be available to non-members of the website for a week, and to members forever!

    This week's pick is:
    Track/XC: Don't Flap the Hands When Running

    You'll often see students flapping their hands when they run. While they may feel it keeps them relaxed, it actually makes them technically less efficient. Here's why.


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