Coaching/Teaching: Sticky Dots Help Teach Sports Skills

Coaching/Teaching: Sticky Dots Help Teach Sports Skills

Pat Aitken

Your local stationary store has sticky dots in all sizes and colors. Normally used by retailers to attract attention to store specials, these dots have many uses in a physical education class.

They are particularly useful in helping your students focus on trouble spots while learning sports skills.

Using Dots In Skill Teaching 
For example, you can place a dot on the racquet elbow of badminton players to remind them to keep the elbow high during the serve.

A dot on the thumbnail might correct a student who is not using a high enough arm action while running (“Lift your arm until you can see the dot”).

Or a dot on the inside of your soccer players' shoes will remind them to kick with the instep.

Dots and Dance
In dance class, place large dots on a wall, where dancers can use them for “spotting.”  When performing turns, dancers can
focus on the dots to help them keep their

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