Step 1­: Shoulder-Pop Drill
Step 1­: Shoulder-Pop Drill

Wrestling: Shoulder-Pop Drill for the Double-Leg Takedown

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

The key to a successful double-leg takedown is penetration—getting as close as possible to the opponent's center of gravity before lifting. This makes him easier to lift and gives him less chance of countering the move.

The Shoulder Pop Drill incorporates two elements which stress deep penetration against an opponent.

Step 2: Shoulder-Pop Drill
Step 2: Shoulder-Pop Drill

The Shoulder Pop Drill
The drill is quite simple. Two wrestlers assume a stance, and one penetrates for a double-leg tackle. However, your wrestler stops once contact is made with the opponent. This saves time so many repetitions can be performed.

There are two points to focus on in this drill:
1. Make Contact with the Upper Chest.
    Emphasize that the penetrating wrestler should make contact with his upper chest. This ensures deep penetration and a head-up body position for better balance and stronger lifting potential.

2. Do Not Grasp with the Hands.
    Instruct your wrestlers to reach as far behind their opponent as possible with the outstretched arms, but not to grasp them together as they would in competition. This exaggerated arm action forces deep penetration.

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