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Touchdown Wrestling Game
Touchdown Wrestling Game

Wrestling: Touchdown Wrestling Game

Pat Aitken

Here's a game you can use as a lead-up in your wrestling unit or a change of pace for your varsity squad.  The object of the game is to be the last player to stay on hands and knees while attempting to cross the mat.

The game gives your students practice in wrestling from their hands-and-knees “base” position.

Line up your players on hands and knees on one side of the mat. Wrestlers worried about knee-burn can wear sweat pants. One player—“it”—kneels facing the other players at the center of the mat.

On your signal the wrestlers crawl on hands and knees across the mat.  “It” intercepts them and attempts to make them touch a shoulder or hip to the mat. Any player “it” defeats becomes another “it.”

Players must not stand up or put the soles of their shoes on the mat to keep from being pulled down. Continue until only one player is left.

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