Physical Education Tips of the Week #34
February 28, 2008

Physical Education Tips of the Week #34
February 28, 2008

Dick Moss, Editor

1. Editor's Note

The latest winner of the Best Forum Poster Contest is Serena, from Ontario, for her post on the the "Holy Moly" strap. Serena wins the free eBook, "Tricks of the Trade for the Sprints, Hurdles and Relays."

We'll run this contest only once more, with the winner of the free eBook being announced in two weeks. So get posting, everybody!! (The forum, by the way, is restricted to PE Update members).

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I hope you enjoy this issue of PE Tips of the Week!

Dick Moss, Editor


Physical Education Tips of the Week #34
February 28, 2008
2. From the Web


Are you concerned about the nutritional composition of the foods you ingest when eating out? the check out the DietFacts website. It provided nutritional information on the menu items of 452 North American restaurants. There are even some UK restaurants listed. The website also provides information on a number of grocery items. It's truly an incredible resource.

Click Here


 A Holy Moly Strap
A Holy Moly Strap
3. From the Discussion Forum

The topic from Serena1 was: " Any suggestions for cool innovative equipment out there?...

"My current favourite is the Holy Moly Strap. It's glorified velcro coloured strap that can be used as pinnies, as well as props for any cooperative or competitive games that I can think of. The best part is it is soft so it can be used safely with younger students (for example, if I roll two of them together I can use it as a puck for floor hockey and its does not hurt). I love its flexibility and durability.

Now, I'm looking for other cool and innovative equipment. Any ideas?"

If you're a PE Update member and have any ideas for Serena, or want to post your own questions, ideas, topics or rants, go to the Discussion Forum at:

Discussion Forum

I check the forum every day, so it's also a great way to communicate any questions, requests or comments to me.


Physical Education Tips of the Week #34
February 28, 2008
4. New Additions to the Websites

Here are the Articles that have been added to the websites this week.
These articles are available to PE Update members.

  • Coaching: Use Bench Time to Instruct Players During Games
    Providing instruction to players who are on the bench will boost team spirit and improve your athletes' knowledge of the game.

  • Health/Nutrition: The Link Between Salt and Obesity
    A new study has shown that an increased consumption of salt through processed foods and snacks may be partially responsible for the epidemic of overweight children and adolescents.


Physical Education Tips of the Week #34
February 28, 2008
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Physical Education Tips of the Week #34
February 28, 2008
5. From the PE Update Blog

Monday Morning Musings on the World of Sports, Coaching & Physical Education from Editor, Dick Moss.

An internet sports radio broadcast brings back memories of listening to the Ali/Frazier fights in the early 70's.
To read more, click this link to the blog: //


Physical Education Tips of the Week #34
February 28, 2008
6. Pick of the Week

Each week, I'll highlight an article that I think is really useful. The article will be available to non-members of the website for a week, and to members forever!

This week's pick is:
Soccer - Offensive Tactics When Receiving Sideline Passes

When players receive a pass near the sideline, they often make the mistake of immediately taking the ball down the sideline. In fact, there is a better move in such situations.


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