Physical Education Tips of the Week #23
December 13, 2007

Physical Education Tips of the Week #23
December 13, 2007

Dick Moss, Editor

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2. What's Up With the Websites

We're still looking at a late January launch date for PE Update. Things are coming together and we're adding content at a rapid rate.

We've taped some excellent footage of Shawn Charron, an athletic trainer with the Laurentian University athletic department, demonstrating an innovative massage technique called Soft Tissue Release. It's easy, it's extremely effective and it's best demonstrated via video rather than merely described in an article. This video
should be ready for you by PE Update's launch date.

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NASP Website
NASP Website
3. From the Web

NATIONAL ARCHERY IN THE SCHOOLS PROGRAM If archery is in your curriculum - or you think it could be - check out this website. It's the National Archery in the Schools Program website and it includes lesson plan templates, curriculum guides, instructor resources... even ideas for fundraising ideas and grantt you can apply for in order to pay for the program.

  • NASP Homepage
  • Curriculum Page
  • Instructor Resources

    There is also a high-quality promotional video that you might use to fire up your students about participating in a school archery program. See below for links to both a one-minute video and a longer seven-minute version

  • NASP Promotional Video - One Minute Version
  • NASP Promotional Video - Seven Minute Version


    Physical Education Tips of the Week #23
December 13, 2007
    4. New Additions to the Websites

    Here are the Articles that have been added to the websites this week:

  • Golf: How High to Tee the Ball The correct height to tee up the ball, based upon the latest research.
  • Wrestling: How to Change Tempo in Practice How to incorporate changes in tempo into wrestling practice.

  • Here are the Links that have been added to the websites this week:

  • Volleyball: Capital City Volleyball Club
  • Wrestling: UCanCoachWrestling (Ontario Amateur Wrestling Assn)


    Physical Education Tips of the Week #23
December 13, 2007
    5. From the PE Update Blog

    Monday Morning Musings on the World of Sports, Coaching & Physical Education from Editor, Dick Moss.

    The latest edition discusses team Christmas parties and how the editor's squads celebrate their annual event. //


    Physical Education Tips of the Week #23
December 13, 2007
    6. Pick of the Week

    Each week, I'll highlight an article that I think is really useful. The article will be available to non-members of the website for a week, and to members forever!

    This week's pick is: "Intramurals Survey"

    If you want to develop a vibrant intramural program, it's best to offer activities that your students really want to play. An intramural survey can help you determine what those activities are. This article describes how to implement a student survey and provides a reproducible questionnaire you can use.



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