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download  *Forms, Forms, Forms*  *Forms, Forms, Forms*

Forms are the bane of your editor and many other coaches.

download  *Fitness Breaks Keep Students Alert*  *Fitness Breaks Keep Students Alert*

How to add brief, invigorating fitness breaks to your classroom routine.
  * A web version of this article is also available. Click Here.

download  *Fear-Of-Flying Follies*  *Fear-Of-Flying Follies*

Small airplane seats and long legs are a bad combination.

download  *Excuse Notes from Parents*  *Excuse Notes from Parents*

Some actual excuse notes written by parents.

download  *Dance to the Death*  *Dance to the Death*

Teaching a dance unit can be a painful experience. So can dancing with my wife.

download  *Cross the Nation Run*  *Cross the Nation Run*

A project in which your class attempts to jog across the country in daily increments.

download  *Clicks, Peeps and World Records*  *Clicks, Peeps and World Records*

Your editor once ran a world?s record?in practice.

download  *Cartoon- Health Class*  *Cartoon- Health Class*

Caption: OK You two. I had health class today and I know where I came from and what you two have been doing!

download  *Broomball Block Party*  *Broomball Block Party*

Some special winter activity memories.

download  *Break Routine for Better Breaks*  *Break Routine for Better Breaks*

You can reduce stress by changing your regular fitness routine.

download  *Block Scheduling Not For PE*  *Block Scheduling Not For PE*

If physical education can be block scheduled, so can lunch.

download  *Baseball: No Cabbage on Your Head*  *Baseball: No Cabbage on Your Head*

It is against the rules for players in the Korean Baseball League to wear cabbage on their head during a game.

download  *Athlete Quotes Keep You Laughing*  *Athlete Quotes Keep You Laughing*

Real athlete quotes keep this old coach coming back.

download  *An Idle Brain is a Dangerous Thing*  *An Idle Brain is a Dangerous Thing*

Your editor should not be left alone with himself.

download  *Abnormal Accommodations*  *Abnormal Accommodations*

An editor?s search for the perfect, cheap accomodations.

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