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download  *Tobacco/Alcohol Ad Activity*  *Tobacco/Alcohol Ad Activity*

An activity in which students analyze the methods tobacco and alcohol advertisements use to appeal to consumers.

download  *Tobacco - Chewing Slows Reflexes*  *Tobacco - Chewing Slows Reflexes*

Chewing tobacco reduces a baseball player?s ability to focus on changing visual patterns, such as an incoming baseball!

download  *CPR - How to Use Actars*  *CPR - How to Use Actars*

Some tips for making better use of actars in health class.

download  *Sunscreen - Application Timing*  *Sunscreen - Application Timing*

Sunscreen should be applied at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun.

download  *Smoking-Smokers Are Hooked Young*  *Smoking-Smokers Are Hooked Young*

Ninety per cent of smokers become addicted before they?re 20 years of age.

download  *Smoking - Tobacco Man Activity*  *Smoking - Tobacco Man Activity*

A game that illustrates the effect that tobacco has on fitness.

download  *Smoking - Effects Demonstration*  *Smoking - Effects Demonstration*

Ways to demonstrate the effects of smoking on mortality and lung function.

download  *Smoking Cost Activity*  *Smoking Cost Activity*

An activity in which students calculate the financial cost of a lifetime of smoking.

download  *Smoking - Benefit Timeline*  *Smoking - Benefit Timeline*

A chart for those who have quit smoking to track the health benfits they?ll receive.

download  *Nerve Transmission Demonstration*  *Nerve Transmission Demonstration*

Demonstrate how the nervous system works by having your students clasp hands in a circle and send a message by squeezing hands.
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download  *Muscle Charades*  *Muscle Charades*

A charade-type game to teach the muscle groups and their function.

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download  *Paper Tube Muscle Model*  *Paper Tube Muscle Model*

A home-made model made from paper tubes and balloons that demonstrates how the biceps and triceps relax and contract.

download  *Pop Bottle Lung Model*  *Pop Bottle Lung Model*

Use a pop bottle, a balloon and a straw to make a model that shows how the diaphragm causes inhalation and exhalation.

download  *Light Cigarettes And Tar*  *Light Cigarettes And Tar*

Light? cigarettes of one brand may contain more tar than ?regular? cigarettes of another brand.

download  *Lung Capacity Demonstration*  *Lung Capacity Demonstration*

Show students how much air their lungs can hold by having them breathe into a plastic bag, then displacing that air with water poured from a pitcher.

Your selection returned: 67 items   -   Displaying Matches 31 thru 45 of 67 Found.  FIRSTBACK  NEXTLAST