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download  *Batting- Open Vs Closed Stance*  *Batting- Open Vs Closed Stance*

A closed stance can help batters with poor power but quick hands. An open stance can help those with good power but slow hands.

download  *Fielding Drill - Quarterback Catch*  *Fielding Drill - Quarterback Catch*

A baseball drill in which players practice over-the-shoulder catches.

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download  *Pitching Machine Baseball*  *Pitching Machine Baseball*

An intramural baseball league in which pitching machines make play safer, faster and less intimidating.
[Search terms: Intramural baseball, baseball games]

download  *Fielding- Outfielder Throwing Tips*  *Fielding- Outfielder Throwing Tips*

Tips for minimizing sideways spin on outfielder throws plus the grip for the four-seam throw.

download  *Game: Look-Back-to-Second Game*  *Game: Look-Back-to-Second Game*

A small-sided game that teaches your infielders to hold the baserunner on second base before throwing to first.

[Search terms: baseball games, baseball baserunning drills, infielder drills]

download  *Rundown Drill*  *Rundown Drill*

A game for practicing run-down plays, and tips for defending the rundown.
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[Search terms: baseball drills, baseball baserunning drills,softball drills]

download  *Baserunning: Lead-Off Drill*  *Baserunning: Lead-Off Drill*

A drill that teaches players how far they can safely lead off when baserunning.

[Search terms: baseball drills, baseball baserunning drills]

download  *Batting: Inside-Out Swing Drill*  *Batting: Inside-Out Swing Drill*

Swing next to a wall or fence to practice an inside-out swing.

[Search terms: baseball drills, baseball batting drills]

download  *Fielding- Knock'em Down Drill*  *Fielding- Knock'em Down Drill*

Teach your players to block infield hits by having them block grounders while wearing full catcher?s gear.

[Search terms: baseball drills,baseball fielding drills,baseball infield drills]

download  *Fielding- Shoestring Catches*  *Fielding- Shoestring Catches*

The correct technique for making shoestring catches, and a drill for practicing that technique.

[Search terms: baseball fielding technique,softball fielding technique]

download  *Batting- Is Your Bat Too Heavy?*  *Batting- Is Your Bat Too Heavy?*

Two simple tests to determine if your baseball bat is too heavy.

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download  *Importance of a 1st-Pitch Strike*  *Importance of a 1st-Pitch Strike*

In a study of NCAA games, first-pitch strikes resulted in an on-base average of only .350, versus .480 for first-pitch balls.

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download  *Batting- Dropping Rear Shoulder*  *Batting- Dropping Rear Shoulder*

Problems associated with dropping the rear shoulder during a batter's swing. Methods to correct.

[Search terms: baseball technique,softball technique,softball batting technique,baseball batting technique]

download  *Hitting- Backspin for Distance*  *Hitting- Backspin for Distance*

The key to imparting backspin is to hit the ball beneath its center line. This can be done by focusing on the bottom A baseball hit with backspin can travel 50 feet farther than a ball with no spin.

[Search terms: baseball batting tips,batting technique,baseball hitting technique]

download  *Games - Mad Dog Baseball*  *Games - Mad Dog Baseball*

A baseball variation in which the entire batting team runs the bases and every fielding player must run to the catch.
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[Search terms: baseball game,baseball games,softball game,softball games

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