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download  *Travel Musings*  *Travel Musings*

A coach?'s free-associative thoughts during a long drive.

download  *The Breakfast Special Killer*  *The Breakfast Special Killer*

A story of a runner, a race and a disastrous breakfast special.

download  *Thanks Coach*  *Thanks Coach*

A thank you to my own PE teacher, coach and high school mentor.

download  *Team Nicknames*  *Team Nicknames*

Many team nicknames are funny, not intimidating.

download  *Swimmingly Honest*  *Swimmingly Honest*

A remarkably honest act of good sportsmanship at a swimming meet.

download  *Sun and Mud and a Spring Day*  *Sun and Mud and a Spring Day*

A lesson to an old coach about the joys of physical activity.
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download  *Summer School Stories*  *Summer School Stories*

Teachers can be the worst students ? especially during summer school courses!

download  *On Guard Against Teenage Talk*  *On Guard Against Teenage Talk*

The use of teenagers? expressions should be avoided at all costs.

download  *Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam*  *Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam*

The perils of Spam and our assurances regarding same.

download  *Screaming and Running*  *Screaming and Running*

Some of the best training innovations come from athletes.

download  *Road Grazing Warriors*  *Road Grazing Warriors*

Some humourous, but practical, tips on eating while driving.

download  *Resolutions Revisited*  *Resolutions Revisited*

Your editor has not done well with past New Year?s resolutions.

download  *Quality Athlete Quotes*  *Quality Athlete Quotes*

Actual quotes from a year of coaching.

download  *Poster- Coaching Too Long When..*  *Poster- Coaching Too Long When..*

A list of indicators that will tell you when you?ve been coaching too long.

download  *Physical Educators Teach More*  *Physical Educators Teach More*

Physical educators play an important role in the development of students? values.

Your selection returned: 65 items   -   Displaying Matches 16 thru 30 of 65 Found.  FIRSTBACK  NEXTLAST