Physical Education Tips of the Week #22
December 6, 2007

Physical Education Tips of the Week #22
December 6, 2007

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2. What's Up With the Websites

We're still looking at a late January launch date for PE Update - the snazzy new version of PE Digest.

I have just received access to some video showing fun icebreaking activities. They feature Nicole Dubuc, who is currently working on her Masters in Sport Psychology at Laurentian university in Sudbury, Ontario.

I'm learning as much as I can as fast as I can about producing internet videos, and these videos/articles should be ready for you by PE Update's launch date.

Remember, all subscribers to PE Digest will receive free access to PE Update!


Sample Teacher's Guide
Sample Teacher's Guide
3. From the Web

The Public Health Agency of Canada has published some excellent physical activity guides for teachers, children and youth. They are all in color pdf format, are attractive to students, and are totally free. Thanks, Canadian government!!
Here is what's available:

  • Teacher's Guide to Physical Activity for Children
  • Gotta Move!' Interactive Magazine for Children
  • Physical Activity Chart & Activity Stickers for Children
  • Family Guide to Physical Activity for Youth
  • Teacher's Guide to Physical Activity for Youth
  • Let's Get Active!' Interactive Magazine for Youth
  • Family Guide to Physical Activity for Children

    Click Here for the Website


    Physical Education Tips of the Week #22
December 6, 2007
    4. New Article Additions

    Here are the articles that have been added to the websites this week:

  • Fitness: Determine Exercise Intensity Using Pedometers
    Pedometers can be used to determine stepping rate, which will indicate the intensity level of a walking session.

  • XC Skiing: Diagonal Stride--Cue for a Better Kick
    A coaching cue for better leg drive in the diagonal stride.



    Physical Education Tips of the Week #22
December 6, 2007
    5. From the PE Update Blog

    The PE Update Blog discusses issues, opinions and provides the occasional rant from editor, Dick Moss.

    The latest edition discusses cross-country running, Canadian-style. It may be illuminating for those of you from warmer climates. It includes a link to video footage from a very unique course at the recent Canadian Cross-Country Running Championships. If you've never experienced running in the snow, take a look.



    Physical Education Tips of the Week #22
December 6, 2007
    6. Pick of the Week

    Each week, I'll highlight an article that I think is really useful. The article will be available to non-members of the website for a week, and to members forever!

    This week's pick is: "Strength - Game Day Strength Workouts Can Be OK."

    The article describes a study involving the effects of an early strength workout on the ability of female basketball players to practice or play later in the day. If you've ever had trouble combining strength training with a busy in-season practice and game schedule, this article will be of interest. And it may have implications for sports other than basketball.



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