Physical Education Tips of the Week #20, November 23, 2007

Physical Education Tips of the Week #20,
November 23, 2007

Dick Moss, Editor

1. Editor's Note

After a brief hiatus, you'll be receiving the newsletter, now called "PE Tips of the Week," well...every week.

We've made some changes, including using email as a notice and placing the actual newsletter on a webpage (attached to PE Update). This will allow more notice emails to get through and allow us to archive the newsletters so you can read them at a later date.

As I'm sure you'll have noticed, our format has improved. And we'll be providing information that should be extremely relevant to practicing PE teachers and coaches.


2. What's Up With the Websites

This newsletter serves readers from two sister websites - PE Digest and its soon-to-be sibling, PE Update. Pe Update will launch in January and is the snazzy new version of PE Digest.

PE Update will include instructional videos, a blog, a forum and other really neat features, in addition to hundreds of superbly practical articles on everything to do with sport instruction and physical education.

PE Digest will continue in it's current form, but will mainly serve libraries that require IP address access.

The good news: all subscribers to PE Digest will receive free access to PE Update! And existing subscribers will be the first to get a sneak preview of our new creation! When we're ready for you, we'll let you know!


3. From the Web

Here's a good YouTube video, called NBA TNT Fundamentals, with Carlos Boozer on Post Moves. Hosted by Carlos Boozer of the Utah, Jazz, it provides a good overview of basketball post play.

It will give you an appreciation for what the big boys are doing in the paint. Includes some good examples of offensive moves. It also illustrates methods to gain position on the low and high post, including the V-cut, swim move, and fake screen.



4. New Article Additions

It has been a while since we've published the newsletter, so lots of new articles have been posted to both websites since the last issue (in September and October). Here they are:

  • Administration: Intramurals Survey
  • Badminton: Triangle Principle for Shuttle Placement
  • Baseball: Baserunning: Dugout Drill
  • Basketball: Wall Drill
  • Equipment/Football: Stainless Steel Screws Make Football Helmets Safer
  • Equipment: Mouthguards Should Be Replaced Regularly
  • Football: Become a Better Football Player Through Wrestling
  • Fundraising: Crazy Hat Day Fundraiser
  • Fundraising: Snowman Poop Fundraiser
  • Games: Turtle
  • Hockey: Tip for Keeping the Head Up
  • Nutrition: Nutrition Knowledge Alone is Not Enough
  • Outdoor Education: Curl the Wrists In--Not Out--on the J-Stroke
  • Soccer: Penalty Shots -- Eye Focus of Elite Goalkeepers
  • Sport Psychology: Team Cohesion Reduces Social Loafing
  • Strength: Squats: Coaching Cue for Correct Head Position
  • Strength: The Single-Leg Squat and Variations
  • Tennis: Chase Balls Using Sprinter-Arms
  • Track: Use Flip-Flops As Track Spike Protectors
  • Training Room Tips: Pain on the Top of the Foot Can be Due to Shoe Lacing
  • Vball: Setting -- Watch the Passer in Addition to the Ball
  • XC Running: Group Up Strategy Keeps XC Teams Together During Practice



    Physical Education Tips of the Week #20, November 23, 2007
    5. From the PE Update Blog

    Well, I'm new to blogging and we're just getting our blog up and running.

    But here's the latest: check out this week's snippet on turning athletes with tailback and quarterback physiques into linebackers.



    6. New Links

    The following links have been added to the website since the last newsletter:

  • BaseballAtoZ
  • Better Rugby Coaching
  • KidsHealth
  • Youth Baseball Info


    Physical Education Tips of the Week #20, November 23, 2007
    7. Pick of the Week

    Each week, I'll highlight an article that I think is really useful. The article will be available to non-members of the website for a week, and to members forever!

    This week's pick is: "Cross-Country Running - Tempo Speeds Should be Faster Than Traditionally Thought." How fast should your athletes run in order to improve their aerobic system. Tempo training is often performed for this purpose. In distance running, tempo training is often also called Lactate Threshold Training, or Anaerobic Threshold Training.

    It was thought that running at tempo pace - the pace where lactate in the blood begins to accumulate (often determined using the "talk test") - was the best way to elevate this threshold and improve the speed at which you could cruise along aerobically.

    Well, it seems running at that pace is NOT the most effective way to improve lactate threshold. The pace should be faster. For a more detailed explanation, click here:



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