Printable Awards for Physical Education

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Printable Awards for Physical Education

Printable awards are a wonderful way to acknowledge the accomplishments of students and volunteers. They're inexpensive but send a powerful message. And they have a long lifespan on the refrigerator doors of your students and in the scrapbooks of their parents.

This eBook contains 46 awards, in black and white, to make them suitable for any printer and reduce printing costs. For a professional look, print on colored or textured paper. And if you want a really nice award, place in a frame from your local dollar store.

The awards address a wide variety of achievements within your sports and physical education program. There are skills awards that commemorate the completion of 22 specific sports units in your physical education class. There are certificates that reward intramural partipation, fan support, cheerful behaviour in class, graduation, hard work, hustle, officials, school spirit, teamwork, helpers, and improvement. And some funny awards, for always being late (a subtle way to send a message), for your team's craziest play of the year, the funniest quote and the most hectic schedule. There are thank-you's, goodbye's, good-luck's, congratulations and much,much more!

"Printable Awards for Physical Education" is a must-have for every physical education department and sports team!