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download  *Blisters - Avoid With Duct Tape*  *Blisters - Avoid With Duct Tape*

Prevent blisters by placing duct tape over the area of the foot experiencing friction.

download  *Arm Ergometer- Make Your Own*  *Arm Ergometer- Make Your Own*

How to make an arm ergometer from a stationary bicycle for the cross-training of leg-injured athletes.

download  *Ankle Taping: Pre-Wrap Effects*  *Ankle Taping: Pre-Wrap Effects*

Prewrap reduces the effectiveness of ankle taping. The most supportive tape jobs use spray but no prewrap.

download  *Ankle Sprains: Prehabilitation*  *Ankle Sprains: Prehabilitation*

An exercise that is effective in preventing ankle sprains.

download  *Ankle- Test for Ankle Instability*  *Ankle- Test for Ankle Instability*

You can test whether athletes have fully recovered from an ankle sprain by checking for two indicators of instability when they stand on their toes.

download  *Ankle Sprains- New Taping Concept*  *Ankle Sprains- New Taping Concept*

Chronic pain after an ankle sprain may be the result of a misalignment of the tibia and fibula at the distal tibiofibular joint: a problem that can be improved through a simple taping method called the Mulligan ankle taping technique.

download  *Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation*  *Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation*

Steps for fast rehabilitation of ankle sprains, including the use of contrast baths, tubing and balancing exercises.

download  *Adherence - Use Television*  *Adherence - Use Television*

Injured athletes can watch the second half of their favorite television show only if they?ve completed their rehab exercises during the first half.

download  *Achilles Tendon Stretching Program*  *Achilles Tendon Stretching Program*

An exercise that removes scar tissue from the Achilles tendons for better healing and ?exibility.

download  *Achilles: Shoe-Related Problems*  *Achilles: Shoe-Related Problems*

Soft heels and in?exible soles may contribute to Achilles tendon problems.

download  *Side Stitches & Left Foot Strike*  *Side Stitches & Left Foot Strike*

Stop side stitches by changing the foot that makes contact with the ground during exhalation.

download  *Stress Fractures In Animals*  *Stress Fractures In Animals*

Only humans, greyhounds and racehorses experience stress fractures.
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download  *PNF Stretching- Athlete Movement*  *PNF Stretching- Athlete Movement*

In PNF stretching,it is more effective for athletes to move the leg into position themselves than to have the partner move the leg.

download  *Carpal Tunnel Exercise*  *Carpal Tunnel Exercise*

A stretch that will reduce the incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome?the scourge of typists everywhere.

download  *Wobble Board - Make From Plywood*  *Wobble Board - Make From Plywood*

An inexpensive way to make a wobble board from plywood and a softball - for ankle sprain rehabilitation.

Your selection returned: 79 items   -   Displaying Matches 61 thru 75 of 79 Found.  FIRSTBACK  NEXTLAST