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download  *Sets - One is Enough for 14 Weeks*  *Sets - One is Enough for 14 Weeks*

A single set of weight training exercises is as effective as multiple sets for the first 14 weeks. After that, multiple sets are more effective.

download  *Running - Rear Elbow Raise*  *Running - Rear Elbow Raise*

An exercise that develops the muscles used in raising the elbow up & backwards in the running arm action.

download  *Repetitons - How Fast?*  *Repetitons - How Fast?*

For optimal power development, athletes should perform slow-repetition exercises early in the training season, then gradually switch to fast-repetition training as the competitive season approaches.

download  *Quads- Foot Angle & Leg Extensions*  *Quads- Foot Angle & Leg Extensions*

Athletes can emphasize different areas of the thigh during quad extensions by changing foot angle.

download  *Pushups - Variations & Effects*  *Pushups - Variations & Effects*

When performing pushups, you can emphasize different muscle groups by changing the position of the arms and hands

download  *Pushups - Medball Pushups*  *Pushups - Medball Pushups*

Pushups using a medicine ball that develop explosiveness, coordination and proprioception.
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download  *Plyometric Pushups*  *Plyometric Pushups*

Plyometric pushups are more effective than traditional pushups in developing upper body power and throwing ability.

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download  *Partner Leg Press*  *Partner Leg Press*

A "squat" variation that uses a partner's body weight for resistance.

download  *Chest & Back Partner Exercise*  *Chest & Back Partner Exercise*

Chest and back exercises your students can perform using a partner instead of expensive equipment.

download  *Motivation  for Strength Workouts*  *Motivation for Strength Workouts*

A method for improving athletes? intrinsic desire to work hard in their strength and conditioning programs.

download  *Medball - Suspended Exercises*  *Medball - Suspended Exercises*

How to suspend a medicine ball so your students can perform power-development exercises without a partner.

download  *Legs: Side-Hop & Sprint Exercise*  *Legs: Side-Hop & Sprint Exercise*

A ?complex? plyometric exercise that combines hopping and sprinting.

download  *Legs - Tubing Squat Lunges*  *Legs - Tubing Squat Lunges*

Lunges simulate the leg squat and can be performed using surgical tubing for resistance.

download  *Legs - Squat and Push*  *Legs - Squat and Push*

A squat variation that helps your students assume a technically correct body position.

download  *Legs - Incremental Hopping*  *Legs - Incremental Hopping*

A plyometric jumping exercise in which athletes hop over a rope that gradually increases in height.

Your selection returned: 101 items   -   Displaying Matches 46 thru 60 of 101 Found.  FIRSTBACK  NEXTLAST