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Nutrition: Slow Cooling Your Leftovers is Poor Practice
Meghan Juuti

Leftovers should not be allowed to cool on the kitchen counter before refrigerating... keep reading..

Overweight Children May Be More Susceptible to Foot Problems
Meghan Juuti

Foot pain may be a factor that prevents obese and overweight children from exercising in physical education class.... keep reading..

Basketball - Research Proves That Teamwork Wins Games
Meghan JuutiBasketball - Research Proves That Teamwork Wins Games

A basketball study that reinforces the effectiveness of passing the ball versus individual dribbling.... keep reading..

Strength (Video) - Lateral Thigh Raise With Exercise Ball
Dick MossStrength (Video) - Lateral Thigh Raise With Exercise Ball

An exercise using Swiss balls that strengthens the gluteus medius muscles for the prevention of running injuries.... keep reading..

Icebreaker - Screamer Game
Dick Moss

Screamer is a fun way to reduce inhibitions and break down barriers between new students or teammates. And it's a good way for participants to relieve stress. How to Play Arrange your teammates in a ... keep reading..

Tennis: Coaching Cue for Watching the Ball
Meghan Juuti

A coaching cue that prompts players about when to look up after making contact with the ball.... keep reading..

Basketball - Passing Points Game
Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update

A great way to encourage players to pass the ball. Great for varsity practices or physical education classes.... keep reading..

Fitness: Forward Lunge-Crawl for the Hip Flexors
Dick Moss

A stretch for loosening tight hip flexors.... keep reading..

Strength - Exercise Ball Side Squats
Dick Moss

An exercise that improves the ability to make powerful lateral cuts when running... keep reading..

Golf - Keep the Putter Flat for Better Accuracy
Dick Moss

A common putting error is to allow the putter to tilt so the toe is above the level of the green.... keep reading..

Volleyball - Watch the Passer in Addition to the Ball
Meghan Juuti

Much of success in volleyball setting depends on anticipation. Setters can improve their anticipation abilities by avoiding the common mistake of watching only the ball as the passer receives it. What... keep reading..

Golf - The Ball is Not the Target
Dick Moss

A change in emphasis in which the green is the target, not the ball.... keep reading..

Football - How to Prepare Your Defense for Fast Receivers
Dick MossReceiver (#19) Lines Up In Front of Line of Scrimmage

Does your next opponent have faster receivers than you? Are you wondering how to prepare your defensive backs when your own receivers are several steps slower than your opponent's? If so, take a tip f... keep reading..

Games - Paper Race
Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update

An physical education activity in which students must run fast enough to keep a sheet of paper stuck against their chest.... keep reading..

Training-Room Tips: Over-Icing Increases Inflammation
Meghan Juuti

Icing for longer than 15-20 minutes can cause actually increase inflammation.... keep reading..

Fitness: Post-Exercise Pulse Measurements Give Low Values
Dick Moss

Heart rates measured after exercise under-estimate the levels actually reached during exercise. Add 10 bpm for immediate measurements and 20 bpm if measured after a 15-second delay.... keep reading..

Resources: Print Your Own "Pause to Play" Posters
Dick Moss

A website with full-color activity posters you can print yourself.... keep reading..

Hockey - Weighted Stick Drills Reduce High Sticking Infractions
Dick Moss

Reduce high sticking penalties by taping two pucks to your defencemen's stick.... keep reading..

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