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Throwing a Ghost Ball
Throwing a Ghost Ball

Equipment: Ghost Balls

Dick Moss, Editor

Your younger students will enjoy making these ghostly tossing pals. They are most appropriate for activities with a Halloween theme.

How to Construct
Your students make Ghost Balls from small balls which they cover with a handkerchief or other cloth material and secure with a rubber band.  They can add faces using permanent or erasable felt markers.

Styrofoam balls may be best because they won't fly too far and can't hurt anyone. You can also use wadded-up
paper for Ghost Balls with an even shorter throwing range.

Ghost Ball Activities
All kinds of activities are possible with Ghost Balls:

  • Playing catch
  • Throwing them into containers
  • Using the cloth end to throw them
  • Catching them under a leg or throwing behind the back
  • Spinning before catching

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Equipment: Ghost Balls

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