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 In a Combo Tournament, You Play Doubles, But Score Your Players as Individuals
In a Combo Tournament, You Play Doubles, But Score Your Players as Individuals

Badminton: Combo Singles/Doubles Tournament

Michelle Gaus

This tournament format is ideal in sports like badminton where you might have 30 players but only six courts, leaving too many students sitting out during singles tournaments. You could improve participation by running a doubles tournament, but that can be unpopular because better players don't like being paired with a weaker partner for an entire class.

So if a singles tournament is no good and a doubles tourney is unpopular, why not combine the best of both? Here's how.

How to Organize
Games in Combo Singles/Doubles Tournaments are played with a partner. Players place their name in a hat and partners are picked for the next seven-minute game. At the end of that round all names are placed back in the hat and new partners are randomly chosen. This allows everyone a chance to play with both the best and weakest students.

The scoring is where “singles” comes in. The points scored in each game add to each player's individual score.  At the end of the class, the player with the highest total wins.

For example, if Mary and Jane beat Janice and Kelly 10 to 7, Mary and Jane each get 10 points while Janice and Kelly get 7. In the next round Mary wins her game with Michelle 12 to 5.  Mary's cumulative score now becomes 22 (10+12).

Excitement is added if the top two scorers are announced at the end of each round.

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