Games: Matball Variations

Games: Matball Variations

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Children have enjoyed the game of kickball for a long time.  Matball is a variation of kickball that produces interest from middle and high school students.     

Matball is a good rainy-day activity when classes are forced to share the gym during bad weather.  For the adventurous, it can also be used as an outdoor game, even if it rains. Just use something other than mats for bases.

If you're already familiar with matball, check the last section of this article for some fun variations.

Equipment needed:  

Place the four floor mats on the gym floor as if setting up bases in kickball (each mat is a base). Divide your class into halves; one team is in the field, the other is batting. They  play innings as in kickball.

Batting rules  
Fielding Rules and Outs
Fun Variations
Matball can be played with grades five through twelve.  Take a traditional group activity and turn it into a new game (or two).  With a little imagination the two-team game can be turned into a fitness activity.  Most importantly, it's fun!  Good luck!

Contributors: Dennis Docheff is an associate professor and Darrin Smith a student at Concordia University in Wisconsin.

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